Bernice Cohen lived in Tours, France, a beautiful city on the Loire River for four years.  The region around the river is called the Loire Valley and is also known as the Chateau Country because it has some of the most famous castles in France and in Europe, such as the one on our home page, the castle “Chateau de Chenonceaux”. The Loire river’s tranquility, majesty and beauty inspired Bernice to name her current NY-based tutoring service ‘Loire Tutoring’.

Loire Tutoring:
-A professional, local, small tutoring company
-Persistence on the basic building blocks of study
-Flexibility, in terms of learning styles
-Personal, one-on-one focus that gets results

We are small and meant to stay that way. Our intent is to work with a small number of students in the most effective way, to help make them become more comfortable with French. For middle school and high school students, our first goal is to improve grades but the ultimate goal is to help each student learn how to study effectively for themselves. Bernice Cohen’s approach is to teach students how to study and to become competent learners in French.